#TanukiTuesday 12/21/2021

Setting the Stage

Why I created Tanuki

I have been constantly sick of being rugpulled , some of it obviously was my own fault and not being careful. I’ve always really liked raccoons, and thought Tanuki could be the next big dog coin, but I want more. I’ve been working with AI for years and think I am able to bridge my talents onto different Web3 platforms. I’ve seen promises being broken and people leaving projects once things get rough. We are two months in and although we have had someĀ 

My Talents

I am willing to put into this project. I see this as my baby and will do as much as in my power to make everything work to perfection. I am a talented AI dev willing to put in the hours to put out something that works. I’ve worked on different projects such as stock trading bots, looking at how neurons interact in biological systems and seeing what we can learn from that, and tons of other machine learning based projects for the past 7 years. I am ready to take my talents to the blockchain and help out everyone looking for this utility.

My Goals

Our vision is to have an entire ecosystem of AI-Driven smart contracts. We do not want to be revolutionaries, we want to look at what needs there are in the market and attend to them. If people think an AI-Driven sniper bot is the answer and I’m convinced that it is, I’ll make it and release the contract into the ecosystem. The point overall is flexibility. Tanuki is just the gateway, and every AI-Driven smart contract is the key to your success. This ties into my goals and achievements. If I am able to create one or two use cases and deploy them successfully within my current road map, this will be a success. I personally am even more ambitious than this, but always undersell and over deliver.

Near and long term Future

My near term goals are to have an AI automatically generate NFT’s and then sell these NFT’s for Tanuki, allowing us to use the funds for buybacks, marketing, and future endeavours.

Longer term goals include expanding into a full market place, and create a brand of AI-generated assets that include vesting into AI-based smart contracts that will not only generate assets, but be able to trade other assets to try and maximize rewards.

Our first goal is to drive organic growth by being welcoming to newcomers into our ecosystem and community.

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